Meeting scheduling

Set up how you want the scheduling to work best for you.

How does the scheduling work?

This is our weekly workflow:

  1. We send an email every Monday at 10:00AM UTC to all people who are not on pause.
  2. Based on your scheduling preference you will either have to consent to be matched, or skip if automatic and can’t make it, by clicking a button in the email - The deadline to respond is Tuesday at 23:00 UTC.
  3. If you participate, we send you another email on Wednesday at 10:00 UTC we'll connect you with your match and you respond to that email to connect with the person and agree call details.

Community Rules

  • If a member reports that you don't attend your agreed meeting, your profile gets negative karma for our algorithm. After 5 failed reports our team has the rights to expel you from the community.
  • If a member reports that your behavior is not appropriate, we'll put your account in quarantine and we'll evaluate whether to keep your account active or not.
  • This is a network to make connections and have meaningful conversations. Please be prepared and know the person you're talking to prior to the call.

By accepting a 1:1 meeting, you're agreeing to the flow and community rules.