Improve work relationships, break down silos

Run 1:1 targeted connections between your employees using DailyBot's technology.

A unique matching platform powered by AI.

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Connect your employees
and enhance collaboration

Simple setup

Use DailyBot and your chat platform to configure your automated 1:1 flow.

Targeted connections

The tool does one thing great: finding the perfect matches for 1:1 conversations.

Improve your team collaboration and break down silos by creating meaningful connections with our proven algorithm.

Improve the experience with DailyBot's check-ins and mood tracking

Use DailyBot to automate daily standups, team check-ins and mental health checks.

On top of 1:1 social connections, DailyBot will help you monitor your team mood.

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Simple pricing


$49 /month

Up to 60 employees.
Flat fee.

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$99 /month

Up to 200 employees.
Flat fee.

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Secure and encrypted

All your employees data is securely hosted in a datacenter with security compliance. Data is encrypted at transport and at rest.

Experienced team

TheOneCoffee's platform is created by DailyBot. A team with 20+ years of experience in digital products.